Minutes AGM 8th November 2021

Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice
Minutes of Annual General Meeting
8th November 2021 – 8:10 pm
Community Centre, Dent Street Huskisson

  1. Apologies:
    Jan Bruck, Evan Christen, Sue Smith, Eddie Smith, Roger Hart, Mark Wareham, Tim Peach
    Attendance: 13
  2. Accepted minutes from previous AGM 12 October 2020
    Moved Jo Warren , Seconded Jason Andre that Minutes from the AGM 12 October 2020 be
    Motion passed.
  3. Appointment of returning Officer:
    Peter Dooley was appointed.
    Moved/Seconded: Tony Lim / Kate Broadhurst. Appointed unanimously.
  4. Chairperson’s report:
    Chair, Nigel Marsden thanked the outgoing committee, and Voice membership for the past years
    Jason Andre was thanked for representing the Voice on the Bay and Basin Community Strategic Plan
    process – which has been a process lasting well over a year.
    The Voice has requested that Council pursue the maintenance of the Telstra infrastructure, and has
    continued to contact Council about matters of concern including 4 Murdoch St development,
    erosion of Currambene Creek. The Voice participated in the Huskisson Heritage Day, and been active
    with regard to proposed cruise ships in Jervis Bay.
    Moved/Seconded: Jo Warren / Tony Lim. Report accepted.
  5. Treasurer’s report:
    Read by Jason Andre
    Moved / Seconded Jo Warren / Rachel Marsden
  6. Election of Office Bearers:
    Peter Dooley took the Chair for the election of 2021-2022 committee members.
    Peter thanked the outgoing committee for their efforts.
    He noted that the strength of a community is having effective and vibrant voices for visions, this is
    an effective group – sincere thanks.
    Declared all positions vacant.
    The following were appointed unopposed:
    a. Chairperson: no nominees
    Motion: In the absence of a permanent chair the Voice will have a rotating chair.
    Public Officer: Rachel Marsden
    b. Secretary: Penny Davidson
    c. Treasurer: Rachel Marsden
    d. General Committee:
    Tony Lim
    Jo Warren
    Shirley Fitzgerald
    Walter Salmon
    Amy Hollis – pending agreement
    Moved that all positions be filled as nominated, Tony Lim, Seconded Kate
    Broadhurst. Unanimous support.
    Meeting closed at: 8:30
    Next AGM will be held in October 2022

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NSW 2540
Tel: 0419 483 297

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