Minutes 7th August 2023

Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice – Minutes
General Meeting – Monday 7 Aug 2023, 7pm Huskisson Community Centre
Chair: Jo Warren
Attendance: Penny Davidson, Joanne Warren, Margot Curtis, Roger Hart, Leslie Lockwood, Maureen Noonan, Tony Lim, Carol Blake, Walter Salmon,

  1. Acknowledgement of Traditional owners Chair acknowledged traditional owners and elders past and present.
  2. Welcome and apologies:
    Apologies: Jan Bruck, Evan Christen, Sue Willis, Mark Wareham, Rachel Marsden, Tim Peach, Shirley Fitzgerald,
  3. Previous Minutes:
    Moved by Margot Curtis, Seconded by Maureen Noonan that Minutes from the meeting 29 May 2023 be accepted.
    Motion passed.
  4. Business arising
    a. Cleanliness of Owen St – no response from Council, other CCBs don’t have street cleaning other than by vehicle. Meeting felt informal cleaning if needed by volunteers would be best option.
    b. Fauna Sensitive roads – Wildlife Rescue and Our Future Shoalhaven are following this up, and meeting with TfNSW.
    Action: Share information about fauna overpasses with HWCV
    c. Compliance has looked into concern regarding soil movement.
    d. Office of Local Government responded re changes to Companion Animal Act – weren’t able to include cats.
    e. Un-named lane. Avoca Lane proposal has been dropped. Require support from JLALC and Carpenter family for ‘Carpenter Lane’.
    f. Tried to contact Crossfit re events and dogs on beaches but they had closed from Huskisson. May be re-opening.
    g. There will be a public hearing between Council and developer of 4 Murdoch St, Mon 14th August at 10.30.
    h. Request to repair path and install bollards – tracking number for repair indicated it was completed.
    i. Action: write identifying area next to Huskisson beach which is eroding and has lost grass cover; and bollards.
    j. Council indicated that use of White Sands for Forest of the Fallen didn’t break any rules. Councillors have expressed concern about propagation of mis-information.
  5. Treasurer’s report:
    Not available. HWCV has a balance of approx. $1500.
    See end of minutes.
  6. Outstanding correspondence:
    a. Paul Sutton is happy with current location of dog tidy bags.
    b. Regional Tech Hub, and NBN and Telstra will hold information session at Huskisson community centre 14th Aug, 4.30
    c. SCC: update on road repair
    d. SCC: Council is surveying floor levels of existing houses in flood prone areas. More information on Council website.
  7. Edendale St / Woollamia Clearing continues, no response from Council other than indication is being checked, and would like copies of any photo record. Previous conversation with Council indicated that Flood management plans were for creek flooding and did not take into account impact of runoff on the area. Reinforced concern about additional development around industrial area.
    Action: Roger, Margot and Penny to write letter to council.
  8. Woollamia Road speed Walter provided overview of actions to date. Todd outlined that after walking on the path he felt it was very unsafe, and submitted own request. Todd pointed out failure to comply with weight limit is police issue.
    HWCV General meeting 8 August 2023 2/3
    Action: Walter, Todd, Maureen to liaise and decide next steps. Penny ensure have all documents.
  9. Preparation for October meeting – see points at end of notes – to be circulated asking for people to indicate their preference.
  10. General Business
    a. RFS Get Ready Day
    To be held 17th September. Visit the RFS Station on Owen St between 10 and 2 to get advice as to how to prepare for the fire season.
    b. Callala Petition Callala Matters have a petition regarding the clearing of forest which is the home for endangered species for housing.
    c. DA for demolition of motel and new build Shirley has pointed out it is above height. Meeting also pointed out that it doesn’t reflect the area, or texture of the area. HWCV to prepare a
    d. A Panning Proposal (PP) has gone into heritage list the old Huskisson Anglican Church. Submissions of even just one sentence are useful. The HWCV will make a submission.
    e. 23rd August an information session on the Voice referendum will be held at Vincentia High School,
    6.30 to 8.30 pm.
    Meeting closed at 8:20pm. (in time for the Matilda’s game)
    Next meeting: 7:00pm Monday 16th October 2023 at the Huskisson Community Centre.

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NSW 2540
Tel: 0419 483 297

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