Minutes 6 Nov 2021

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Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice – Minutes
General Meeting – Monday 8 November 2021, 7pm

Huskisson Community Centre
Chair: Nigel Marsden

Attendance: 13

  1. Acknowledgement of Traditional owners
    • Chair acknowledged traditional owners and elders past and present.
  2. Welcome and apologies:
    • Chair Nigel Marsden accepted apologies.
    • Apologies: Jan Bruck, Evan Christen, Sue Smith, Eddie Smith, Roger Hart, Mark Wareham, Tim Peach,
  3. Previous Minutes:
    • Moved Jo Warren , Seconded Jason Andre that Minutes from the meeting 9 August 2021 be accepted. Motion passed.
  4. Business arising
    • Street tree Plan – council has informed us that a street tree plan, and tree management plan do not exist for the Shoalhaven.
    • b. Input into DA review process – not done, and currently not being reviewed – action on hold.
    • White Sands Park – work by council. Penny talked to manager for destination parks, Owen Sims, in our area – work being done is to remove weeds, and to replant with hardier native plants. Doing what’s best for park. Destination parks have goals which include activation; they are vital for the community Mr Sims said.
    • Agreed that someone could talk at a meeting.
    • Wrote an email (10 Sept) summarising conversation and asking:
      • As White Sands now comes under Precinct Management can you outline to us
        • the management goals of the park,
        • the management plans and
        • the purpose of recent work being done in the park
      • No response
    • Community would like a street tree plan to be developed, and to be included in the process. Voice to write to council requesting advice on how to get a street tree plan for Huskisson, and concern about the number of mature trees being removed to be replaced by young non-endemic plantings. Noted also that Hawke St should have been replanted by now.
    • SAHSSI walk is still on with a COVID safe plan – people will need to check in and move on.
  5. Treasurer’s report:
    • Download Report
    • Balance: $1602. 11
      • Moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted Leslie Lockwood, seconded Maureen Noonan.
  6. Correspondence /Outstanding Correspondence
    1. Local Information Hub project – now up to installation of power upgrade, satellite enabled telephone and information screens,
    2. Noted that 2 residents, Elizabeth Broad, and Alison Goodwin had attended an information session to be part of the Information hub team.
  7. Carparking in Huskisson
    • Frustration that despite having two senior staff present on parking and traffic management in March 2021, and told that existing plans won’t be followed, and having sent two letters to 9th July (didn’t send the 21 Sept letter) the community has not been consulted or informed of current plans. We have had no response.
    • Decision to write to CEO, Mayor and all Councillors – expressing outrage and raising as an election issue.
    • can you tell us what is happening. There is considerable interest in what occurs on council owned land. We are looking at the future integrity of this community. Had a presentation on traffic and parking plans to be told that none of these plans will be implemented and that there is another plan which they can’t talk about. We wrote in July asking for information on this ‘secret plan’. There is outrage that plans are being made in secret; reminiscent of previous behaviour of SCC.
    • HoH will seek agreement from the 3 member groups to seek councillor and candidate position on this issue. Move: Leslie Lockwood
      • Seconded: Shirley Fitzgerald
  8. Cruise ships in Jervis Bay.
    • Update: JBCCC will be meeting this week to plan a strategy for commenting and raising awareness of the issues associated with the draft marine Park Management Plan – one of which is to allow cruise ships into Jervis Bay.
    • Ideas welcome: Rachel: hold a ‘paddle out’ ask Marine Parks how it related to JB
  9. 4 Murdoch St update
    • Clearing of the site was stopped because of nesting behaviour of a pair of gang gang cockatoos. Glossy cockatoos have also been seen on the site since. It was only because KJBU was monitoring the site that the work was stopped. They will continue to monitor; and communicate with Council Environmental Health Officer Ben Coddington..
  10. Local Council elections – zoom meet the candidates
    • Have offered to promote any candidates online meet the candidates. Two organised: Paul Ell 10th Nov, and Evan Christen & Jo Warren 16th Nov. Labor will also organise a zoom for 22nd Nov.
  11. Other Business
    • a. Items of concern raised by member – unclear what some of the concerns were. Seek clarity.
    • b. Motion: That the Voice lobby Transport for NSW to maximise animal safety when they upgrade the Princes Highway south of Nowra to Ulladulla. That minimum effort is not good enough. Moved: Penny
      • Seconded: Rachel
    • c. Number of large trucks, and speeding cars in Woollamia still an issue. Voice to:
      • a) write to Council to advocate on behalf of the Woollamia Community
    • b) take photos and videos of large trucks, and speeding vehicles
    • c) progress the petition

Meeting closed at 8:10pm.

Next meeting: 7:00pm Monday 8th February 2022 at the Huskisson Community Centre.

This meeting will be followed by the AGM (approx. 8 pm)

Download Treasurer’s Report

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