Voice update + flood presentation 25th August

Monday 15th August Meeting Our meeting on Monday 15th August was a special event with Mayor Findley, Director James Ruprai and Gordon Clark in attendance.  The staff gave updates on a number of matters, and identified some issues that they will respond to in more detail later.  The notes from this meeting are attached. Our next meeting will be 17th October, 7pm. Followed by the AGM. See agenda below. Updates
  • Flooding Some time ago Woollamia residents met with Council flood engineers.  The Manager of Environmental Services, Michael Roberts, has planned to continue the conversation over a series of 3 meetings. These are: 1. An online meeting / presentation will be held 25th August (this Thursday) between 12pm and 1pm via Teams.  Environmental Services will give a bit of background to flood plain planning, and how that links with the Coastal Management Programs, Development Applications and storm-water management.  If you would like to join this meeting, and haven’t already indicated so, please reply to this email. Or if you’d like to join but don’t have access to a computer, let us know.  This meeting will be recorded. 2. A site visit with Michael Roberts (Manager of Environmental Services) will then be held. The NSW SES can be scheduled to attend this meeting. Date TBA. If you’re interested in attending this please think about what days / times work best for you.  We’ll do our best. 3. The Manager of Environmental Services and Council flood staff will also attend the HWCV October meeting to discuss the issues and solutions raised in the previous meetings (1 and 2). If the community thinks its useful we can also ask the NSW SES/NSW Police Force (emergency response)  to attend this meeting.  
  • As noted above the next HWCV meeting will be on 17th  October.  The meeting will have a short presentation from Trish Jeffs from the Resilience Project regarding the use of the Huskisson Community Centre as an Information Hub. This will be followed by a discussion around flooding in Woollamia.  The meeting will conclude between 8 and 8.15, and be followed by our  AGM.

SCC Planning documents for comment and information

Recent Development Applications in Huskisson / Woollamia

  • DA22/1935, Demolition of all existing development, and construction of Residential Apartment Building on 1 Fegen Street, Huskisson (Lots 1 & 2, DP 1093409)
  • DA22/1942, Detached Dual Occupancy Development with Inground Swimming Pool including Demolition of existing dwelling and associated structures, 18 Sydney St, Huskisson
  • DA22/1390, Alterations & Additions to Residential Units & Conversion to Single Dwelling, 1 Wood Cr, HUSKISSON
  • DA22/1208, Detached Garage & Carport, 762 Woollamia Rd, WOOLLAMIA
Click here to access SCC’s DA Tracking

Events/ Other

  • South Coast Food and Wine Festival –  will be held in Huskisson on Friday evening October 14, and Saturday October 15 during the day and in the evening, in White Sands Park.  
  • Birdlife Festival  
  • Jervis Bay Community CruiseShip Coalition update: 1. The Department has given no feedback on the status of Stage 1 of the draft Marine Park Management Plan, nor have they responsed to the submissions (we have heard that they were flooded with submissions about Jervis Bay though – well done!)   2. The State government has indicated that they intend to finalise the Marine Park Management Plan prior to next year’s election.  This means that the draft for Stage 2 – Rules and Regulations might be released at any time.   3. The Jervis Bay Community CruiseShip Coalition is working on preparing guidelines to make submissions on the rules and regulations.   4. There will be a social get together at the JB Brewery Wednesday 12th October, 5.30 onwards, to chat about the regulations, life and what an amazing place this is!!
  Kind Regards, Committee HWCV Date: 22/08/2022
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