Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice – Extension of carnival period

You may have noticed that our last email listed a new development application DS20/1218 (Modification to DA10/2290). 

This application seeks to extend the operation of the Huskisson Christmas Carnival (Joylands) for an additional 5 years and to extend the annual on-site period from 12 December to 3, 4 or 5 February each year.

We want to ask you to do two things:

1. If you would like to support the application or object to the application please go to the DA Tracking site and let council know.  It is very important they get a sense of the number of people who support or object.

DA tracking site
click ‘agree’
enter the DA number which is DS20/1218
scroll down, and click ‘Contact us about this application’
Enquiry type is “Submission”
Enquirer type is “Respondent”
And then fill in the boxes as required and provide your view.

Submissions close on 4th June.

2. Some community members have asked us to lobby to move the carnival to another location, but we are not sure if this reflects the broader community view. It would help us greatly if you could let us know which of the following is your preferred option. Either reply to this email, or if it has opened in your browser click on the email link at the bottom ( and type in your preference:

I would like to see the carnival continue in Huskisson along Park St
I would like to see the carnival moved to another location, for example, next to the leisure centre in Vincentia

any other comment? …

The Voice will be sending a submission asking that the operating period does not change and that any extension of time is for set-up and pull-down only.  We will lobby for the carnival to move if this is clearly the community’s preference. Kind Regards,
Committee HWCV
Date: 01/06/2020
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