Update from HWCV meeting on Monday and World Ocean Day!

You can find the draft minutes of our Monday meeting here, and a couple of items noted below.

Also, did you know that next Thursday (6th June) is World Oceans Day!

Shoalhaven loss is a South Coast win: Liza Butler, one of our Ward 3 Councillors, who was recently elected as Member for the South Coast, has resigned from Council. Her letter of resignation is here

Update from last meeting

  • Maureen Webb and Norm Webb spoke to the meeting about an RSPCA project ‘Keeping cats safe at home indoors’. There is clear evidence that cats will live longer, healthier lives if they are stopped from roaming outside their yard (hit by vehicles, fights with cats, attacked by dogs etc). Maureen pointed out that keeping cats safe at home indoors was a win for cats and a win for wildlife. The Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice will write to the State Minister for the Environment, Minister for the South Coast and the Premier requesting a review of the Animals Companion Act to allow local councils to develop policies that would keep cats safe at home and support the community and cat owners in making this happen.
    If you support this RSPCA project pick up your pen: the more people who write to the ministers with this request the more chance that it will happen. 
  • The proposed name for the lane between Owen St and the old Anglican church block was discussed.  The name ‘Avoca Lane’, was proposed in memory of the Avoca Guest house which was located on the corner of Owen St and Hawke St. The meeting felt that, as the guest house wasn’t actually located on the lane, and that ‘Avoca’ is quite a well-used street name, a more locally unique and significant name could be used.
    The meeting agreed this was an opportunity to recognise and honour Huskisson’s indigenous history, and endorsed the name: Carpenter Lane.  Queen Mary Carpenter was a famous Huskisson resident and the unnamed lane has a sightline that connects the village centre with her burial resting place on the northern side of Currambene Creek at Bilong (Myola). Detailed information on the proposal

SCC Planning documents for comment

The Shoalhaven Access Areas for Dog Policy is still open for comment. Go to the Get Involved page for this project and others open for comment. 

Recent Development Applications in Huskisson / Woollamia

  • DA23/1374, new rural dwelling – construction of a single storey dwelling. DA pertains to proposed Lot 2 of the subdivision. 1 Seasongood Rd, Woollamia. (22nd May)
  • DA23/1405. Swimming pool and deck, 7 Waddell, St Huskisson.


  • CD23/1305, Dwelling additions, including covered deck. 9 Vallon Rd, Woollamia. Approved 22 May 2023.

Click here to access SCC’s DA Tracking

Events/ Other

Kind Regards,
Committee HWCV
Date: 2/06/2023

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