Bi-Weekly – Email update 4 Sept 2021

Here is an update regarding Voice activities and information sent through from Council:

  • First, we’d like you to consider being part of the Local Information Hub Team. Our Huskisson Community Centre will become a Local Information Hub in times of emergency. It is being fitted with solar panels, batteries, and high definition screens among other things. But to make this work we need some people on the ground to be part of the Information Hub team. If you’re interested please RSVP to this email by midday Monday 6th September.
    More information.

Update from last meeting:

  • The Voice is a member of the Jervis Bay Community CruiseShip Coalition. The group is seeking accurate information about the proposal to have cruise ships in Jervis Bay. If you would like to follow or engage in the discussion, decisions, actions then:
    join the Facebook group
    keep an eye on the website
    or contact the group –
    Full update here.
    JBCCC asked our Councillors and candidates what their position is regarding cruise ships in Jervis Bay. They replied:
  • Councillors
    Kaye Gartner oppose
    Patricia White oppose
    John Wells undecided
    Greg Watson oppose but supports shelter for ships
    John Levett undecided
  • Candidates
    Christine McInerney Percy oppose
    Jo Warren oppose
    John Kotlash oppose

  • Members of the Voice executive met with 2 SCC staff to consider possible sites for an additional shelter at Moona Moona Creek. Staff came with a suggested site near the existing BBQ at the top section of the reserve; close to the southern steps to Huskisson Beach. A review of Environmental Factors will need to be undertaken. The community vote was 9 for site A (similar to the site selected); 5 for B (near bridge carpark), and 6 for install somewhere else. The shelter will be similar to that below, without a barbecue and will be wheelchair accessible.


SCC Planning documents for comment

  • Council would like High School aged youth to complete their survey about making communities safer and more resilient in disasters. Please encourage the young people you know to complete this survey.
  • Amendment to the Shoalhaven LEP re heritage inclusions in Berry.

Recent Development Applications in Huskisson / Woollamia

  • CD21/1652, Detached Secondary Dwelling, 6 Clyde St, HUSKISSON, $92,700.00
  • DA21/1955, Dwelling Alterations & Additions, 6 Sydney St, HUSKISSON, $401,270.00
  • DA21/1973, Ground Floor Restaurant Above Commercial Premises & Two (2) Serviced Apartments at First Floor Level, 15 Field St, HUSKISSON, $1,409,942.00
  • DS21/1294, 16 Currambene St, Huskisson Reconfiguration of roof, changes to window placement and internal Changes
  • DS21/1299, 13 Nowra St, Huskisson – modification to internal basement layout.
  • DS21/1297. 10 Seasongood Rd, Woollamia, Seeking approval to use shed as primary dwelling, remove split level dwelling and add detached habital rooms
  • CD21/1652, Detached Secondary Dwelling, 6 Clyde St, HUSKISSON. Approved
  • DA20/2144, Marine Rescue Building Alterations & Additions, Currambene & Hawke Sts, HUSKISSON, Surrendered
  • DA20/2428, Warehouse, 34 Duranbah Dr HUSKISSON, Approved

Click here to access SCC’s DA Tracking

Events/ Other

  • Bushfire risk: ‘Get ready’ and know your risk, know your plan – keep an eye on your local RFS Facebook, or visit the Shoalhaven RFS website.
  • Senate Inquiry into GP shortages. You can make submissions to this page.
  • Nominations for NSW Women of the year awards
  • About magazine cutoff date for October is 8th September, and for the November edition is 6th October.
  • Sustainable tourism infrastructure projects newsletter
  • Fiona Phillips, your Federal member, wants to let you know that her team is available to assist anyone struggling in these COVID times. 4423 1782.
  • Jervis Bay Marine Parks welcomes as new manager Matt Dasey,

Kind Regards,
Committee HWCV
Date: 4/9/2021

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