Draft Minutes 7 June 2021

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Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice – Minutes
General Meeting – Monday 7 June 2021, 7pm
Huskisson Community Centre
Chair: Nigel Marsden
Attendance: 15
1. Acknowledgement of Traditional owners
Chair acknowledged traditional owners and elders past and present.
2. Welcome and apologies:
Chair Nigel Marsden accepted apologies.
Apologies: Peter Dooley, Jan Bruck, Shirley Fitzgerald, Evan Christen, ,Rachel Marsden
3. Previous Minutes:
Moved Time Peach, Seconded Jason Andre that Minutes from the meeting 3 May 2021 be accepted.
Motion passed.
4. Business arising
4 Murdoch St – a copy of the Mayor’s response to Voice letter will be put on the website
Challenging the physical commencement a possibility – Voice will pass this onto KJBU
5. Treasurer’s report:
Opening Balance (2 Oct): $27,266.23
Outgoings: $350 – Dog tidy bags
$13.00 – Hall hire
$47.00 Fair Trading
$136 Australia Post – mail box
$250 Micro Maze – internet
$66 Tomerong Hall Paver
$6.50 Huskisson Hall Hire
Income: $125 Elite Energy
$350 Dog tidy donation –
Danny Payne
$200 Elite Energy
Closing Balance: $27,072.73
Noted: $25,000 is held over as part of CBB
Partnerships grant, and $530.04 has been set aside for Vision Project.
Moved Tim Peach, Seconded Sue Smith that Voice reimburse sustenance expenses for COVID nurses in Huskisson, and agreement to cover the costs of printing for Heritage Day to Penny Davidson.
Moved Tim Peach, seconded Eddie Smith that the treasurers report be accepted.
6. Correspondence /Outstanding
We received notification that the dog responsible for an attack on Nelson Beach has been euthanized, and penalty notice sent to owner.
Notes from the CCB Executive meeting are now available on the Council website.
NSW DPIE does sample water quality of estuaries, but not of Jervis Bay estuaries since 2012. A report of their data will be available in July.
Phil Costello has replied to Berry Forum’s email inviting early input into the DA review process, letter was sent to all CCBs.
7. Presentation from Mark Wilson – Shoalhaven Hospital Action Group
Mark presented on the benefits of establishing a greenfields (new building site) for a Shoalhaven Hospital and argued that this would be cheaper than upgrading the old building.
More information and their petition can be found at: Facebook @Shoalhaven Hospital Action Group
8. Huskisson tree removal and planting
Council are removing 25 trees from Hawke St, 4 from Berry St and 4 from Keppel St and replacing them with Tristaniopsis ‘Luscious’ *water gum, native to Queensland.
Voice to write to Council asking whether there is a long term plan for street trees in Huskisson / Woollami
9. Cruise ships in Jervis Bay
Rumours have indicated that the Port Authority is seeking permission for cruise ships to moor in Jervis Bay.
Contact KJBU to ask if anyone has any information or information on the impact of cruise ships.
It may be useful at a later stage to ask each Councillor their response to cruise ships.
10. Volunteers for Voice Heritage day stall
To see Penny after the meeting.
11. Other Business
Fundraising walk for SAHSSI 14th August. Walk goes from Whitesands Park to Iluka in Booderee, across Cresswell. All the money goes straight to the refuge.
Potholes at the boatramp – Terry has already reported.
Contact Phil Costello whether he expects a reply re DA review.
Huskisson Heritage Day will be held 12th June,
Maritime Museum and Huskisson Community Centre.
Meeting closed at 8:10pm.
Next meeting: 7:00pm Monday 9th August 2021 at the Huskisson Community Centre.

Kind Regards,
Committee HWCV
Date: 23/8/2021

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