Draft Minutes General Meeting – Monday 9 November 2020

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Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice – Minutes General Meeting – Monday 9 November 2020, 7pm Huskisson Community Centre
Chair: Nigel Marsden

Attendance: 10

  1. Acknowledgement of Traditional owners
    Chair acknowledged traditional owners and elders past and present.
  2. Welcome and apologies:
    Chair Nigel Marsden accepted apologies and welcome to new faces.
    Apologies: Leslie Lockwood, Sue Smith, Eddie Smith, Jason André, Evan Christen, Peter Dooley, Jan Bruck.
  3. Previous Minutes:
    Moved Mark Wareham Seconded Jo Warren that Minutes from the meeting 12 October 2020 be accepted. Motion passed.
  4. Business arising
    Telstra infrastructure: have been but are looking forcontractors, have said they would be in touch by theend of the week.
    Response re Coastal Advisory Committee. 4 out of 7Councillors provided a variety of reasons for supporting the removal of Evan Christen from the committee – ranging from confidential information to ‘know the person and they would make a good contribution’. Voice to contact Council and ask if replacement had nominated. Could ask ‘what information were you given to change your mind?’ To submit the Code of Conduct complaint.
    Response from Shoalhaven Tourism re special event permissions. Discussion re Special Event calendar – is ‘what’s happening’ on tourism website – make this available through Voice communication – link on website, Facebook, emails, noticeboard
    45 degree rule – request for someone to review draft letter. Suggestion to contact Judy Hamilton – Save the trees from 45 degrees
    Still to do – loss of veg in Woollamia, add secretary as signatory; follow up re public meeting re Moona proposal
    Most matters have been reported on in Email updates.
  5. Treasurer’s report
    Held over in absence of Treasurer
  6. Correspondence in/out:
    Most matters have been reported on in Email updates.
    Have been in contact with Marine Parks regarding a fallen tree in Currambene Creek and erosion to bank. Their response is that the land is Council reserve and offered help to seek funding to rehabilitate the area. Roger Hart did try to lead a revegetation program some time ago but met with resistance. Council also tried to block the road and community complained so they removed the blockage. Voice to ask Council if still intend to prepare a plan of management for that reserve and whether they’re aware of the erosion.
    Have forwarded contractor quotes to Telstra.
    Have communicated with Mark Emerton (Elite Energy) re support for a donation to the community but would prefer to have one representative on a steering committee of the Voice, School and Chamber of Commerce rather than oversee the funding. Tony Lim is following up.
  7. Bay and Basin Community Led Strategic Plan Joint CCB Meeting CCB Meeting
    Notification about the survey has gone out in email, website and Facebook. Also been in the South Coast Register and Huskisson school newsletter. The strategic plan will not be binding, but worth doing.
    Link to survey to go out in all Voice emails until due date is passed.
    Can we find out how many people have filled in on-line? Ask Council if insurance covers community consultation – have asked previously and Council insurance only covers us located in the Community Centre.
    Other Business
    Immediate action for corner of Currambene and Bowen Sts – endorsed
    RFS presentation on 16th November to talk about preparing homes for bushfires.
    Also general discussion around having other speakers: Council to talk about Duncan St – information on zoning and planning, where do we stand? Perhaps planning staff or Cinnamon Dunsted.
    Shoalhaven tourism to meeting – frustration that benefits of tourism drive tourism but no acknowledgement of dis-benefits
    Possibly hold talks in the Voice meeting itself – would depend on time the speaker needs
    could locate meeting elsewhere – e.g. RSL – people might feel more comfortable
    could hand out flyer about HWCV to increase awareness of the CCB
    Feedback regarding the Triathlon
    Jo and Margot indicated that their street was closed but they didn’t receive notification. Also noted that the diversion signs were incorrect.
    Glad it went from 6 to 9am – didn’t’ really affect the Woollamia community – preference for it to happen like that again. Woollamia gets no benefit from it – stuck in houses. Had no notification that streets blocked off. Signs put up but were smashed. Signs didn’t indicated time or alternative. Request to re- instate flyers – resume letter box drops. Not made clear how to sue the road e.g. accessing between races. Found it hard to make sense of the map.
    Tony yet to see Danny re funding the dog tidy bags

Meeting closed at 8:00pm.

Next meeting: 7:00pm Monday 8th February 2020 at the Huskisson Community Centre.

Summary of Actions from meeting:

  • Follow up with Telstra
  •  Loss of veg in Woollamia – contact state dept as per before
  • Contact other CCBs re 45 degree rule
  • Code of conduct complaint re Coastal Advisory Committee
  • Check that Mark Wareham’s 2 x $50 were received
  • djust signatories on bank account – add Secretary
  • Put Special Event calendar on noticeboard, website (link) and the Facebook.
  • Voice to ask council for a follow up on the request for a public meeting to discuss the Moona development
  • Contact other CCBs about the 45 degree rule
  • Ask Council if they’re preparing a plan of management for Woollamia reserve.
  •  Follow up donation from Elite Energy
  • Put links to the survey in future relevant emails  Send letter re corner of Currambene and Bowen  Send feedback re Triathlon to Elite Energy
  • Organise funding for the dog tidy bags
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