Minutes Annual General Meeting – Monday 12 October 2020 Draft

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Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice – Minutes
General Meeting – Monday 12 October 2020, 8:00pm
Huskisson Community Centre
Attendance: 16

  1. Apologies:
    Apologies: Leslie Lockwood, Alan Burrows, Shirley Fitzgerald, Margaret Hughes, Jan Bruck
  2. Appointment of returning Officer:
    Peter Dooley was appointed. Moved/Seconded: Sue Smith/Mark Wareham. Appointed unanimously.
  3. Chairperson’s report:
    Chair, Sue Smith thanked the outgoing committee, and Voice membership for the past years efforts. Sue highlighted that communications with membership have increased through the regular Email updates and consequently COVID19 perhaps hasn’t affected the Voice’s ability to liaise with the community as much as it might have. She noted that there has been a joint CCB meeting which identified the common and priority issues. These are yet to be discussed in detail with Council, but is considered a positive step to have more communication between CCBs. Sue thanked Jason as Treasurer and for representing the Voice on the Bay and Basin Community Strategic Plan process. Thank you to all committee members. Especially thanks to Steve who has provided an historical perspective, and been a much appreciated sounding board and voice of reason. Going forward there are still challenges: membership numbers, development and overdevelopment, but Sue believes we will continue to learn as we go. Hopefully we will get councillors who will listen to our concerns. Sue will continue to be part of the Voice membership.
    Moved/Seconded: Evan Christen/ Jo Warren. Report accepted.
  4. Treasurer’s report
    Opening balance2700.5
    Elite Energy/Mark Wareham volunteer payment?100 
    CBB Partnerships Grant19/08/2020 25000 
    Annual remittance from Shoalhaven Council10/09/2020 500 
    Total Income25600
    Dog Tidy Bags1/09/2020121350 
    Dept. Fair Trading??47 
    Hire of Community Hall24/02/202011639 
    Hire of Post Office Box24/02/2020117134 
    Micro Maze (internet provider)1/05/2020119227.27 
    Office works (flyers 44 Duncan St))16/06/2020120237 
    Total expenditure1034.27
    Closing Balance as at 12 Oct 202027266.23

    Note: $530.04 (the remainder of Vision Project donations from Bendigo Bank and Penevy Services) has been set aside for Vision Project. 
    Note: $25,000 is earmarked for adult change room project – linked with VRRA. 
    Moved/seconded: Evan Christen / Tim Peach.  Report accepted.
    Motion: Write thanking Paul Sutton and Jan Sutton for their ongoing efforts in managing the dog tidy bags. 
    Moved Tim Peach/ Seconded Rachel Marsden
    Motion accepted.
    It was pointed out that Elite Energy also donates to dog tidy bags.
  5. Election of Office Bearers:
    Peter Dooley took the Chair for the election of 2020-2021 committee members.  
    Peter thanked the outgoing committee for their efforts.
    He noted that the strength of a community is having effective and vibrant voices for visions, this is an effective group – sincere thanks.
    Declared all positions vacant.
    The following were appointed unopposed:
    Chairperson: no nominees
    • Jo Gash indicated that it is permissible to have a rotating Chair.
    • Motion: In the absence of a permanent chair the Voice will have a rotating chair. Moved Sue Smith, Seconded Tony Lim. Unanimous support.
    • Public Officer: Rachel Marsden
      Moved Penny Davidson / Seconded Sue Smith 
    • Secretary: Penny Davidson
      Moved Evan Christen / Seconded Sue Smith
    • Treasurer: Jason Andre
      Moved Sue Smith / Seconded Penny Davidson
    • General Committee:
    • Nigel Marsden
      Moved Penny Davidson / Seconded Eddie Smith
    • Tony Lim
      Moved Sue Smith / Seconded Jo Warren
    • Motions passed
      Nigel took position as Chair for remainder of meeting.
  6. Confirmation of Bank Signature requirements:
    Maintain Jason Andre and Nigel Marsden as signatories.
    Motion: to add the Secretary as a signatory in order to have 3 signatories.
    Moved Tony Lim / Seconded Sue Smith.
    Motion passed
  7. General Business
    Penny Davidson thanked Sue Smith as outgoing chair, acknowledging that her commitment to the community meant she stepped up when there was a gap as chair.  Her thoroughness and clarity will be missed.  Thank you to Steve Murphy who has provided so much background knowledge and insight into issues and communities – again will be very much missed.
    Tim Peach reiterated these thanks.
  8. Meeting closed at: 8:20
    Next AGM in November 2021.

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