Minutes General Meeting – 10 February 2020

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Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice – Minutes
General Meeting – Monday 10 February 2020, 7pm
Huskisson Community Centre
Chair: Sue Smith
Attendance: 18

  1. Acknowledgement of Traditional owners
    Chair acknowledged traditional owners and elders past and present.
  2. Welcome and apologies:
    Chair Susan Smith accepted apologies and welcome to new faces.
    Apologies: Shirley Fitzgerald, Tim Peach, Jan Bruck, Evan Christen, John Levett; Leslie Lockwood
  3. Previous Minutes:
    Moved Mark Wareham Seconded Jo Warren that Minutes from the meeting 11 November 2019 be accepted. Motion passed.
  4. Business arising
    Reported on Council response re proposed roundabout at Bowen and Currambene Streets; issue of the picture theatre corner has been noted since HWCV inception.
    Reported on planned landscaping of Owen street northern side, and carpark improvement.
    If people have comments on landscaping please forward to Penny to collate and send to Council; Council will consult more on this matter

    Matters not dealt with from previous meeting:
    * loss of vegetation in Woollamia
    * contact other CCB’s re 45 degree rule

    Letter was sent to Shoalhaven Tourism regarding special events; they have not replied to the questions relating to scheduling and limitations.
    Secretary needs to rewrite/ask.

    Still waiting to hear from the RMS re lowering the speed limit on Woollamia Road.

    HW would like a permanent evacuation centre. Over summer was told by council that the Huskisson School was the evacuation centre but it was closed. Some people went to the Club, but it wasn’t able to stay open. Understood at the time the evacuation centre was the Country Club in St Georges Basin. Want clarity, and concerned that may not be able to access a centre in St Georges Basin.
  5. Treasurer’s report
    Balance of $2714.50. Expenditure of $47 to NSW Fair Trading, and $39 for use of Community Centre room for meetings. Income of 2 * $50 donation from Mark Wareham which was Elite Energy volunteer payment Thank you to Mark for his donation. Moved Steve Murphy, Seconded Rachel Marsden that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Motion passed.
  6. Correspondence in:
    Carolyn Carroll is Voice representative on Woollamia Boat Ramp committee; busiest boat ramp on south coast; need to redesign for the crane; car park will be first priority Will it be used as a dry dock to clean? What chemicals are used at the site? What happens to the waste / scrapings? is it open for additional commercial use? Do they pay a fee? Concerned about erosion in the creek Write to Council to get answers to these questions; Roger will help with this letter to council

    Proposed 1-way at Moona Moona Creek carpark, council wants feedback –
    Minimise additional signs – use arrows instead where possible.
    Can we have another bench and shower at Southern end near the BBQ shelter?
    Concerned about safety of cyclists and pedestrians at the two locations where the bike path crosses the road – zebra crossing? Speed humps? Noted there is already Give Way signage for bike riders.

    Reminder: Draft Coastal Management Program Scoping Study report available for comment until 14 February – this has since been extended to 28th February.

    Council is preparing to write a new Strategic Landuse Plan, they want community members to complete a survey to help guide this plan. It can be found on the Get Involved page.

    A seniors Festival is being held from 12th to 23rd February 2020.

    Huskisson Triathlon will be held Feb 28th to 1st March.

    Free green waste disposal at council depots up until 31 March 2020.
    Noted that the Community Centre has not increased their use fees.
  7. Correspondence Out
    Shoalhaven Tourism has asked for representatives to be involved in the development of the bike path project. Jason Andre and Tony Lim have agreed to do this.

    Amendment: it should have been noted at the meeting that HWCV submitted a response/comment regarding the Planning Proposal for rezoning of the church site on Hawke St, Huskisson.
  8. Revised Vision statement
    • Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice envisages a future that recognises and maintains the built, natural and cultural values of our local area. We accept and want future growth and planning to co-exist with the existing size and feel of the built environment to maintain our magnificent views, our historical tree-scapes, and both our European and Indigenous history and heritage. We aim for collaboration between the council and the community for a harmonious future.
      Endorsed by meeting, moved Jo Warren, seconded Jason André.
  9. Options for beautification of Telstra infrastructure: THAP (Telstra Huskisson Art Project)– Daniel McConell

    Daniel noted that Council developed a public art policy in 2013. Daniel proposed 4 options:
    1. Clean, base paint, paint mural on containers – approx. $10,100
    2. Clean, base paint, install screens and paint mural onto screens – approx. $20,100
    3. Clean, base paint, install landscaped sculpture garden – approx. $20,100
    4. Clean, base paint, paint mural on containers AND install landscaped sculpture garden – approx. $25,100

      Discussion: support for having local schools involved in project in some way. Noted that with certifier fees, and additional engineering fees the cost will be much higher

      A vote was taken on option preferences, resulting in:
      Option 1 – 2, Option 2 – 0, Option 3 – 1, Option 4 – 15 votes. meeting was agreed to pursue Option 4: Clean, base paint, paint mural on containers AND install landscaped sculpture garden Nigel Marsden will help with project.
  10. Other business
    Committee has resolved to move to a new website hosting company in order to make the website more readable, able to act as a repository, able to automatically add particular items such as newsletters (bi-weekly email) in real-time; website and email will be accessible through cPanel allowing easy management of website and email; can have specific email addresses such as treasurer@hwcv.org.au; will use a local provider; additional cost of $75 per year. Tony Lim to oversee.

    Rachel Marsden has withdrawn from the HWVC committee due to work commitments in Sydney, and Nigel Marsden has agreed to replace her. Change takes effect immediately. It was agreed that Geoff Barlow, Susan Smith and Rachel Marsden will be DELETED as cheque signatories and that Nigel Marsden will be ADDED as a cheque signatory. We will then have 3 signatories: Jason Andre, Steve Murphy and Nigel Marsden.

    Huskisson Heritage Association update. The Voice, under Steve Murphy’s direction submitted a response to the Planning Proposal to change zoning of church site. Council received 136 submissions, 133 not supporting the plan, 3 supporting the plan but Council has supported the proposal. It now goes to State Government planning process. The HHA, with advice from urban planners has noted that many parts of the proposed development process have been contrary to Council’s own guidelines, and as such are writing to the Planning Minister, Rob Stokes requesting an inquiry into the Council. HHA ask if the Voice would provide a letter of support. No dissent at meeting regarding providing this letter, subject to seeing the request for an inquiry.

    Woollamia Pressure sewerage system (arises from Correspondence In) History: Approx 2 years since it was raised, and came about after some residents petitioned Council after some septics overflowed during a flood. Not everyone supported the petition. The original correspondence from council indicated there was no ‘opt out option’ but some residents have since received letters asking them to approve a Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit to proceed on their property – this would give Council permission to dig through Aboriginal artefacts, and as such the Council need to provide an opt out.
    Roger Hart was not happy with giving this permission, rang Shoalhaven Water, acting director indicated that if Roger didn’t agree he might be up for $20k costs at a later date. 10-12 residences affected. These houses are adjacent to 2 protected sites. Roger is concerned that initially there was no opt out, and no request for a AHIP. Not everyone has been informed they can opt out. Additionally it looks like flood prone land is up for sale.
    Voice to follow up and write to Shoalhaven Water asking why everyone didn’t get this information.
    Roger to help with letter.

    Steve Murphy noted that current paving on Owen St, Huskisson is slippery – can any future upgrades use non-slip pavers, especially as the northern side is always shaded.

    Meeting closed at 8:40pm.

    Next meeting: 7:00pm Monday 6 April 2020 at the Huskisson Community Centre.
  11. Summary of Actions from meeting:
    • Tasks not done from previous meeting
    • Add names to mailchimp
    • Loss of veg in Woollamia – contact state dept as per before
    • Contact other CCBs re 45 degree rule
    • Send Sue / exec copy of request for inquiry
    • Write to Shoalhaven Water re Woollamia pressure sewerage
    • Write to Council re Owen St landscaping – questions from meeting, include other comments that may come in.
    • Write to council with questions re boat ramp – Roger will help
    • Write again re special events, as per previous minutes or organise to see Shannon
    • Want clarity around evacuation centre in Husky – St G Basin not always feasible
    • Feedback to council re Moona one way street
    • Add vision statement to website, to emails?
    • THAP – proceed – Nigel will help Get some additional quotes, adjust budge
    • Letter of support for HHA inquiry into council processes
    • Adjust signatories on bank account.
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