Update and draft dog access policy for comment

Council has three documents on public exhibition that you might be interested in commenting on –┬ádog policy, rezoning and bike paths.

Update from last meeting

  • In response to the SCC policy requiring CCBs to hold insurance when they use council facilities, and concern regarding the draft CCB Policy and the draft Community Engagement Strategy the CCBs have met and established a ‘combined CCB group’ to liaise with Council.  The focus for many CCBs is sharing information between Council and community and for these purposes insurance does not seem necessary, especially as it would require fundraising of some kind. 
  • Because the HWCV made a submission to Council regarding 4 Murdoch St modifications the HWCV was invited to make a presentation to the Land and Environment Court conciliation process at 4 Murdoch St in April. Jo Warren made a presentation for the HWCV; there were 5 other community presentations. The conciliation was terminated by the Court and will likely be followed by a hearing later in the year.

SCC Planning documents for comment

Recent Development Applications in Huskisson / Woollamia

  • DA23/1291, Dwelling Alterations & Additions, 764 Woollamia Rd, WOOLLAMI
  • DA23/1260, Single Storey Attached Dual Occupancy, 10 Seasongood Rd, WOOLLAMIA.
  • CD23/1182, Change of Use, Shop Fitout, 50 Owen St, HUSKISSON.
  • DS23/1113, Demolition of existing dwelling 7 construction of 2 storey building. Increase in height and alteration to external footprint. 92 Burrill St, Huskisson. Section 96 amendment.
  • CD23/1245, Building a tilt up building at the right rear of the property. 6 Bolten Rd. Huskisson. Complying development.


  • CD23/1245, Tilt Up Building at the Right Rear of the Property, 6 Bolten Rd, HUSKISSON
  • DA22/1995, Change of Use to Retail Premises – Approval for the Occupation of the Premises by Them & the Use of the Existing Stockroom, 12 Currambene St, HUSKISSON.
  • DA23/1144, Demolition of Pool & Installation of Fibreglass Inground Swimming Pool, 3 Waddell St, HUSKISSON.
  • DA22/2366, Dwelling Alterations & Additions, 25 Edendale St, WOOLLAMIA
  • CD23/1182, Change of Use, Shop Fitout, 50 Owen St, HUSKISSON

Click here to access SCC’s DA Tracking

Events/ Other

Kind Regards,
Committee HWCV
Date: 3/05/2023

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