State Election Candidates Forum for the Bay and Basin – 14th March

The Bay and Basin community groups are organising a ‘meet the candidates’ forum on the 14th March for the upcoming State election. The forum will involve two parts:

  • 8 questions collected from the community groups, synthesised and provided to the candidates before hand
  • questions from the floor

The organising group (the CCB’s, Vincentia Matters and Champions) is inviting each community group to submit 3 questions for the candidates to answer. These questions will be reviewed, collated to get a final 8 questions, and worded to get the most useful answers possible from the candidates. The intention is that the questions relate to the Bay and Basin Community Led Strategic Plan and the following topics:

  • Roads
  • Public Transport
  • Health Services
  • Local Planning
  • The Environment
  • Housing Affordability
  • Our Economy
  • Disaster Recovery

Do you have a question related to the above 8 topics and the Bay and Basin Community Led Strategic Plan that you would like to ask the candidates? Your questions should be focused or based on the recommendations of the B&B Community Led Strategic Plan(link above).

If yes, please send in a reply email by Close of Business 27th of February.  The HWCV will then collate and forward three representative questions to the organising group.

Please note that your suggested question might not get asked in the first part of the forum (we’ll try to let you know what the questions on notice will be), so please come along and ask additional questions in the second part of the evening

PO Box 65,
NSW 2540
Tel: 0419 483 297

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