Minutes 17 October 2022

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Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice – Minutes
General Meeting – Monday 17 October 2022, 7pm

Huskisson Community Centre
Chair: Jo Warren

Attendance: Joanne Warren, Billie Vlies, Willia Vlies, Margot Curtis, Roger Hat, Barbara Hermann, Carol Blake, Maureen Noonan, Time Peach, Mark Wareham, Penny Davidson, Michael Paine (SCC), Kerrin Woke (SCC)

  1. Acknowledgement of Traditional owners
    • Chair acknowledged traditional owners and elders past and present.
  2. Welcome and apologies:
    • Chair Jo Warren accepted apologies.
    • Apologies: Jan Bruck, Sue Smith, Eddie Smith, Shirley Fitzgerald, Nigel Marsden, Walter Salmon, Sue Willis, Evan Christen.
  3. Previous Minutes:
    • Amendment to notes from August meeting on page 2 that Add: ‘One person noted that’ the site is an eyesore … to make clear that it was not the view of the whole meeting. 
    • Moved Margot Curtis, Seconded Maureen Noonan that Minutes from the meeting 30 May, and 15th August 2022 be accepted. 
    • Motion passed.
  4. Business arising
    • Woollamia Road – meeting endorsed action suggested by Walter in his email; and Voice to check with Clr Kotlash as to whether he has further information. In addition, add to concerns that it is easy to be confused as to what speed you should be doing if unfamiliar with the road.
    • Moved Margot Curtis, Seconded Roger Hart
    • Beach access:
      • Motion: that the Voice writes to council asking what is the plan and timeline for repairing beach access to Huskisson, Vincentia and other Shoalhaven beaches.
      • Moved: Mark Wareham
      • Seconded: Carol Blake
      • In addition ask them to confirm that there is adequate wheelchair access at Huskisson beach.
      • Moved Roger Hart
      • Seconded: Tim Peach
    • Lack of response re protecting old trees. Agreed to meet with other groups to develop clear and well supported proposals to Council.
      • Motion: the Voice liaises with Our Future Shoalhaven and lobbies Council to move a motion,a nd lobby TfNSW to implement world best practice re fauna crossings on the highway upgrade.
      • Moved: Rachel Marsden
      • Seconded: Tony Lim
  5. Treasurer’s report:
    • Download Report
    • Balance: $16077. 77
    • Moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted Rachel Marsden, seconded Jo Warren.
    • Re dog tidy bags it was noted that Council is currently reviewing their dog policy.
  6. Presentation from Shoalhaven Community Connection – Mike Paine, and Kerrin Woke
    Presented on the work that Community Connection is doing: a community capacity building program, social planning, community connection officer, social recovery from fires and floods and family daycare
    Explained the screens that will be the cornerstone of the Information Hubs – which the Huskisson Community Centre will be. Blue screens will be everyday information on events and so forth. Emergency information will have a red header which means the screens will be providing information about that emergency. The screens will be visible from outside the building.
    The Information hub will have a 13.5 kW Tesla Powerwall 2 battery.
    • It was noted that people who receive rates by email don’t receive the information that is included in paper rates. It was also noted that the street signs for the Information hub weren’t clear that emergency information would be available.
    • Links to the presentation and information he handed out will be included in the next Voice email update.
    • Michael Paine contact details are: phone: 4429 3128, and email: Michael.Paine@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au
  7. Correspondence /Outstanding Correspondence
    • No outstanding correspondence.
    • Correspondence Out
    • Correspondence In
  8. Follow up meeting with Mayor and senior staff
    • Motion: the Voice write to James Ruprai re-presenting our following questions and asking how the community can progress heading towards a liveable and walkable village.
    • moved: Penny Davidson
    • Seconded: Jo Warren
  9. Dangerous corner on Woollamia Road:  Billie pointed out that a curve near Willowford Rd and Woollamia Road intersection has a very narrow shoulder / verge and is dangerous for walkers and children on pushbikes.
    Ask Walter to add to the issues associated with Woollamia Road.
  10. Huskisson Heritage Association: Tim Peach reported that while Council had voted not to scrape the church ground to confirm the graves identified by the independent GPR the developer has sought and received approval from the State. In designated places 300mm of earth will be scraped. Local Indigenous people don’t want the scraping to happen.  There has been no consultation between the developer and Jerrinja Land Council.
    Please see the HHA website for full information.

Meeting closed at 8:10pm.

Next meeting: 7:00pm Monday 21st November 2022 at the Huskisson Community Centre.

Download Treasurer’s Report

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