HWCV – call for community comment on cruise ships and marine park management plan

The Voice is part of the Jervis Bay Community CruiseShip Coalition. They have prepared a response to the State Government’s draft Marine Park Management Plan.
If you’re concerned about the protection of Jervis Bay waters please read, and consider making a submission or using the ACMS link to write to our politicians.

A little something to do over the festive season 🙂  Have a safe Christmas and New Year.

The State Government’s proposed Marine Park Management Plan will NOT protect marine parks.

Time to let the NSW Government know what you think about their plan to let cruise ships into Jervis Bay!

Silver Muse, ‘small’ cruise ship of Silversea cruises, currently selling tickets for a cruise that includes Jervis Bay in January 2024

The NSW Government has released their Draft Management Plan for Marine Parks (2021-2031) which allows cruise ships, among other changes, to Jervis Bay Marine Park.
The consultation period is open until 31 January 2022.

Have your say.

We want to keep cruise ships out of Jervis Bay to ensure the protection and conservation of the biodiversity of Jervis Bay

Here is the link to the Draft Marine Estate Management Plan

The NSW Government is pushing the arrival of cruise ships in Jervis Bay
In the draft Plan the Government prioritises the economic values of marine parks, rather than the primary purpose of conserving our ocean’s biodiversity.

  • The Plan often ignores the primary purpose of marine parks and proposes objectives and actions that are not underpinned by the legislated primary purpose of protecting marine ecosystems. Most importantly it does not indicate the cost associated with the expansion of these activities – whether it be the cost to the environment and marine ecosystem, the local community through loss of amenity (e.g. congestion, overcrowded beaches, increased rates to pay for maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure) and to local Councils and other organisation.
  • The Plan proposes to reduce ‘regulatory burden’ to a general code of conduct, and streamlining of regulatory oversight and approvals. The Plan suggests that a large range of activities will be automatically approved without any environmental impact assessment (now or then), or oversight; opening the door to a large range of activities e.g. cruise ships, film sets that restrict the access of the broader community to beaches and other areas of the park. 
  • The Plan’s proposal to develop a Memorandum of Understanding between the State and Commonwealth Governments is part of that process.  It is all about allowing access for cruise ships to use the naval waters of Jervis Bay.
  • The Plan completely misses the impact of increased population and increased tourism on water quality, marine debris, and marine creatures. 
  • The Plan partners with 120 stakeholders who exploit ocean resources, but fewer than 15 partnerships with conservation groups, marine educators, academic institutions, or marine science professional bodies.


We want the Draft Plan to prioritise actions that aim to protect and conserve biodiversity in marine parks and keep cruise ships out.

The Le Laperouse, selling tickets on a cruise in Dec 2022 which includes Jervis Bay as a port (despite not having permission)

What you can do – 2 simple steps
1. Do ONE of the following
Print out our 2 page letter to DPIE requesting changes to the draft management plan including NO cruise ships in marine parks and post, to the address at the top of the letter (by Registered post if you can).
Go to the online survey, register and attach the above document as a submission, complete the survey if you wish as per our guideline. Please add in any specific ‘want’ that you have. For example ‘ban all personal watercraft in marine parks such as jets skis, and mini submarines especially in parks that are homes to marine mammals’.
Here is the link to the 2 page submission

Here is the link to the survey answers

2. Go to this link and send a message to our politicians telling them we want stronger protection for our marine parks, and cruise ships to be banned.
Please add in any specific ‘want’ that you have – for example ban all personal watercraft in marine parks such as jets skis, and mini submarines especially in parks that are homes to marine mammals
For your information and use: a summary of the draft Marine Park Management Plan we have prepared, together with detailed comments.
Here is the link to a summary of the Plan and detailed comments.
Coming soon: Parliamentary Petition asking that cruise ships in Jervis Bay are ruled out, and that sanctuary zones are increased.

The following planned visits to Jervis Bay do not have permission – and we have been told NO cruise ship has sought permission to enter Jervis Bay. It seems though, that they are confident that they will get permission:

Source: Cruises visiting Jervis Bay | 2022-2024 Jervis Bay Cruises visiting $793/day (cleancruising.com.au)
Please email us if you have any questions, and keep an eye on our Facebook and website for further information.
Keep Jervis Bay Unspoilt and Jervis Bay Community CruiseShip Coaltion


Kind Regards,
Committee HWCV
Date: 24/12/2021

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