Bi-Weekly – email update 24 April 2021

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held 7pm, 3rd May, Huskisson Community Centre, Dent St, Huskisson. All residents and ratepayers welcome.

Here is a quick update on matters relating to Huskisson and Woollamia:

Our Activities

We have:

  • submitted a response to proposed exempt and complying developments relating to agritourism.
  • written to Councillor Digiglio and Phil Critchley with further questions on traffic and parking (traffic and parking to be discussed at our meeting on 3rd May).
  • talked to Cllr Levett, Cllr Gash and Cllr Digiglio regarding the ‘traffic proposal’ which Council is preparing; it seems the proposal may be in response to Cllr Gash’s motion for Huskisson traffic and parking problems to be solved.
  • contacted Council development section and they have pointed out that any compliant development documents will not be put on DA Tracking.
  • contacted Phil Critchley asking that Council liaise with Telstra and request that maintenance is undertaken on the infrastructure on Currambene St.
  • contacted Environmental Services again, repeating questions about a proposed compensatory tree planting program.

For your consideration

Recent Development Applications in Huskisson / Woollamia

  • DA21/1375, Two Storey Dwelling & Detached Habitable Room, 10 Sydney St, HUSKISSON, $1,800,000.00

Recent Development Applications Approved in Huskisson / Woollamia

  • DS21/1093, S4.55(1A) Modification – Proposed Staging of Development and Minor Alterations, 15 and 17 Fegen St, Huskisson. Submitted 31 March 2021.


  • SF10843, Two (2) Lot Torrens Title Subdivision, 3 Seasongood Rd WOOLLAMIA.

Click here to access SCC’s DA Tracking


Kind Regards,
Committee HWCV
Date: 24/4/2021

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