Motel and Apartment Proposed for Moona Moona Creek

DA20/1453 has been submitted to Council proposing a 40 bedroom hotel, and 39 unit apartment block to be built next to Aquamist at Moona Moona Creek. If you would like to make a submission or make comment on this proposal please do so by 3rd July 2020.
How to make a submission can be found here.
Also attached here is a summary of some technical points of concern to help you make your own response.

Please note that the community consultation undertaken in 2019 revealed that the 4 priorities for the Huskisson and Woollamia communities are:

1) Developing, planning villages while preserving character;
2) Respecting the village heritage;
3) Preserving the magnificent view; and
4) Protecting pristine and precious natural environment.

Note, you don’t have to be an expert but your submission is stronger if it is:
1) factually based;
2) explains why you hold this opinion eg I think it doesn’t fit in with the amenity of the area because . . .; and
3) the more research it is based on the more weight it will have. But don’t be daunted – a single, well explained point would be a great contribution.

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